Excel Shortcuts

  • Add a comment to a cell – “Shift” + “F2″
  • Delete/Shift cells – “Control” + “-“
  • Edit formula in a cell – “F2″
  • Fill Down – “Control” + “d”
  • Fill Right – “Control” + “r”
  • Format cells … – “Control” + “1”
  • Format into Currency – “Control” + “Shift” + “$”
  • Format Number to have comma – “Control” + “Shift” + “!”
  • Hide Rows – “Control” + “9”
  • Insert/Shift cells – “Control” + “Shift” + “+”
  • Insert a new Sheet – “Shift” + “F11″
  • Make Cell Last Reference Absolute – “F4″
  • Next Sheet – “Control” + “Page Up”
  • Next Set of Data – “Control” + “right”
  • Previous Sheet – “Control” + “Page Down”
  • Show Formula – “Cntrl” + “`”
  • Sum Formula – “Alt” + “=”
  • Today’s Date – “Control” + “;”


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