Programming on Ubuntu

Python packages (package name – required Ubuntu packages):

  1. mysql-python –  python-dev,  libmysqlclient15-dev
  2. libxml –  libxslt-dev; libxml2-dev
  3. PIL –  libjpeg-dev (for jpeg support)
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  1. Guy

    Hi,I like the plugin, it helps me much and I would like to ask about fowlloing questions:1) I have to set the quiz title carefully, because the title also appears in the subject of the autoresponder mail that is sent after the quiz is completed. Since my language is czech I would appreciate a recommendation which part of plugin is needed to be edited in order to force the mail subject to have UTF8 charset.2) Not so urgent: I have more than one quizes, each quiz has 18 questions, each question has 5 answers since it is very, very slow to add new answers I would appreciate some way to duplicate quizes. I do it through direct access to database (by copying rows), but it is still too difficult.Thank you very much!Laďa


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