Developing Alt Law on Mac OS X

There is a neat project that I have wanted to get involved with for a while called AltLaw. AltLaw is a free open source project developed by the Columbia Law and Technology program. Resources for the project are located at the Law Commons Trac Page.

I am trying to get the AltLaw “stack” working on my Mac OS X machine. So here we go:

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WordPress 2.6 and Captions

Last week, The Open Planning Project premiered a new blog called Gotham Schools.  As a blogging platform, we decided to give the newly released WordPress 2.6 a go.  The one feature WordPress added that excited us the most was the ability to add captions to images.  Soon, however, we realized that WordPress/TinyMCE strips any html that is added to a caption.

I set out to fix this, and with the help of a couple of coworkers, I think I got something that works (change set). After the jump I have an overview of the problem and how it was fixed.

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