Compiling a Flowplayer Plugin on Mac OS X

For some reason it took me a while to figure out how to compile a flash plugin for Flowplayer. Here were the steps that I took to finally get it working:

  1. Install Ant. Instructions for this can be found here
  2. Download Adobe Flex 3 SDK. You can download this here.
  3. Unzip the Flex 3 SDK that you just downloaded.
    % unzip
  4. Download the Flowplayer development kit. The latest version of the development kit can be found here.
  5. Unzip the Flowplayer development kit.
    % upzip
  6. Edit the file in the Flowplayer development kit. Specifically edit the line that says:
  7. flex3dir=/Users/api/flex3sdk

    to point to the location to which you unzipped the Flex 3 SDK. After editing my file looks like this:

  8. Navigate to the example plugin that is contained within the Flowplayer development kit. For me this is located here:
  9. Finally, type:
    % ant

    The output should look like this:

    Buildfile: build.xml
         [echo] ++ flowplayer.helloworld.swf +++
         [echo] checking if flowplayer.helloworld.swf is uptodate
         [echo] main up-to-date: ${uptodate.main}
        [unzip] Expanding: /Users/anil/env/flowplayer.devkit/flowplayer.swc into 
         [exec] Loading configuration file 
         [exec] /Users/anil/env/flowplayer.devkit/example/build
    /flowplayer.helloworld.swf (1304 bytes)
         [copy] Copying 1 file to /Users/anil/env/flowplayer.devkit/example/build
    Total time: 3 seconds

Congratulations! You have compiled a flash plugin for Flowplayer!


  1. Alesha

    Hello Alan,I am afraid that prsswoad protected videos won’t play with this plugin. If you would like to test the plugin, please try the free version . If this plays on your computer, then this extension for mobile devices works as well.Zdenka


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