My name is Anil Makhijani and I am an attorney who is deeply passionate about the intersection between the law and technology. I currently practice law at the law firm Quinn Emanuel.

I’ve long had a deep passion for technology, writing my first computer program when I was a child. I continue to develop software in my free time and have a deep understanding of the latest software development trends and technologies. I currently work on areas of the law that impact technology companies, such as data privacy, cybersecurity, trade secrets, and open source software. I also am passionate about other issues that impact startups and small technology companies, such as issues related to employment law and corporate governance.

Prior to joining Quinn Emanuel, I helped lead the operations and legal teams at the Human Diagnosis Project, where our organization used technology to help improve access and affordability of health care. I also worked as a cybersecurity attorney at IBM. Before I went back to law school I worked at the The Open Planning Project as a software developer.  While at Openplans, I spent most of my time working on a number of transportation policy blogs (streetsblog.org, streetfilms.org, and la.streetsblog.org).

I studied law, business, and engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

I love to talk about technology and the law. Drop me a line and I’d love to connect.

Contact Me

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