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  • Interesting Decision by the 9th Circuit on Enforceability of Online Terms of Service

    An interesting read on December 20 from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on how terms of service should be displayed on websites and in apps: Users are put on constructive notice based on the conspicuousness and placement of the terms and conditions, as well as the content and overall design of the app. Id.…

  • Google App Engine Attempt #2

    When Google App Engine was released I attended Google’s sprint in New York City excited at the possibility of being able to host python applications without having to deal with the hassles of maintaining a server.  I spent the week after the sprint rewriting a Plyons project so that I could host it on App…

  • Planet WordPress Plugin Released

    I love the Planet feed aggregator, but I hate managing it via a text configuration file. I created a WordPress plugin that automatically creates a Planet configuration file from the links that are stored in a WordPress database. Every time a link is updated, deleted, or created, a new planet configuration is generated. For more…

  • DataIO

    A few weeks ago my employer helped the NY State Senate parse the MTA budget information into a machine searchable format. (The MTA originally published the budget as a PDF.) To parse the PDF I used a utility called pdftohtml to first convert the PDL into an XML document. I then used the python library…

  • Compiling a Flowplayer Plugin on Mac OS X

    For some reason it took me a while to figure out how to compile a flash plugin for Flowplayer. Here were the steps that I took to finally get it working:

  • Geo Blogroll Plugin Released

    I had promised to clean up and release some of the plugins that went into creating Streetsblog.net. Here is the first one: Geo Blogroll.

  • New Years Resolutions

    Inspired by a friend I am going to create list of new years resolutions: Learn a functional programming language. Any suggestions on which one to try out first? Make fewer mockups and write more code. Web frameworks these days allow for such quick development that I think I would be more productive if I just…

  • Exporting Posts from WordPress 2.5

    Recently I tried exporting some posts from one WordPress 2.5 blog to another WordPress 2.5 blog. The import worked perfectly, but then I realized that I had forgotten to import one of the posts. Rather than doing to the whole import again, I decided to just import the post that I had forgotten. Unfortunately, WordPress…

  • Streetsblog.NET Launch

    A few coworkers and I launched Streetsblog.NET yesterday. The website is actually a vanilla install of WordPress working in conjunction with a vanilla install of Planet with a bunch of custom WordPress plugins. I will release the plugins when I get some time to clean them up.

  • Quick Introduction to Flow Player

    At TOPP we have been considering switching Streetfilms over to using FlowPlayer. There are number of advantages to using FlowPlayer: It is released under a GPL3 license. It has a neat new jQuery interface. As I learn more about the advanced features of FlowPlayer I will blog about them, but here is a quick introduction.

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